Exactly What I Was Looking for

I joined the Toastmasters because I wanted to become more confident in public speaking. Professionally, I had planned to create another mainstay of my work with speech training for companies. I quickly realized that this is exactly what I was learning at Toastmasters. Also how to lead workshops. Privately, I am a member of several committees. I have become more confident in participating in discussions. My heart is no longer up my neck when I speak.

I have been a member of the Hedgehogs for 12 years. It was a great challenge to speak freely in English. Since I speak English more and more often in my job, it is important for me to practice that with the Toastmasters: Speaking English. And to do so while aware that I’m making mistakes. It is more important to communicate with others than avoiding mistakes. That is what I learned at Toastmasters. In the meantime, Toastmasters has become a wonderful hobby. I meet people here who want the same things as I do. We support each other.

The Speakers’ Club of Buxtehude Hedgehog Toastmasters is small. We do not have many members. So I have many opportunities to speak. I also benefit from the fact that we have members in the club who have been with us for more than 30 years and others who have just joined. Everyone learns from each other. The turnover in our club is very low. Those who have become members usually stay for a few years.

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